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Images, video, audio... all are intertwined with history- and can be used with all subject areas.

Check out: ART & PHOTO COLLECTIONS for an overview of all things photo, and art. 

Women's MAGAZINES gave women a forum to discuss items of importance to them

Good Housekeeping 1885-1950


This is a great source for locating advertising (check out Harper's Bazaar also). Pick a series of years and see what changes (or not), or evaluate the target audience, or evaluate what seems to be the major concerns of the time that can be 'fixed' with the product advertised...lots of ideas you can explore with ads. 

Madame C.J. Walker


Madame C.J. Walker brings hair care to Black women

gadgets - let's make life easier

COPPERSMITH  sells kitchen and other household gadgets. They offer a wonderful  overview of kitchens and kitchen gadgets from history. From here you can head out to some of the following sites to look further. 


GUESS THE GADGET - have some fun with this one! 

HISTORY OF HOUSEHOLD TECHNOLOGY - video from the Library of Congress outlining a homemaker's life... it was hard!



Thank you to the folks at Vintage Ad Archive (no longer in operation) here are more places to look for vintage ADS:

IADDB The International Advertising & Design DataBase houses a large collection of historic advertisement materials (posters, commercials, tunes, and more).
eBay As per the indications provided by the Vintage Ad Browser’s redirect page, eBay is a good source to find old commercials online.
Internet Archive Gathers 300+ classic TV commercials and public service announcements with free downloads available.
AdViews An excellent vintage ad browser for the1950s, this ad repository encapsulates wide collections of TV commercials dated 1950 to 1980.
Google Books Magazines Valuable resource where you can find vintage commercials (including scans of print advertisements).
The Advertising Archives Vast selection of old, vintage, and classic posters, ads, commercials, and magazines with an authentic feel of each historic decade.

Harper's Bazaar


1867 - 1900

Here's an example from one issue. Use this to see the range of information you can glean in an issue.

The AD Council

The Ad Council, founded to promote World War II war bonds and other war related actions, continue to this day to provide advertisements for a variety of causes.  Read the NPR story and check out the highlighted campaigns. 

Then go to the Ad Council website to view the timeline. 

These could be excellent models for student created PSAs on issues of importance; or students could analyze the issues through the years that were changed because of the effectiveness of these advertisements.