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On Aug. 16, 1954. Deput issue of Sports Illustrated. 
Check out the issues - for sports information... but don't forget that advertisements tell stories, choice of articles, and images all complete the bigger picture of the culture of its time. Whose image is on this debut issue?   Check it out yourself!

Women in baseball

Baseball primary source lessons & artifacts

From Citizen U Teaching Resource Blog. 
Baseball ABC

Primary Source lesson ideas using baseball as the theme.

Negro League Baseball

Transcript of "Charm School"...

from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League:

"When you become a player in the All-American Girls Baseball League you have reached the highest position that a girl can attain in this sport. TheAll-American Girls Baseball League is getting great public attention because it is pioneering a new sport for women."

This transcription lays out the rules of beauty for all participants in the sport from clothing to lipstick application and more. 

Check out the whole site for loads of history, images, and stories.