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Culture - U.S.: Car Culture

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Cars in the U.S.

Once automobiles hit the road - and their counterparts in motorcycles and other wheeled machines - it was all over. We hit the road with a vengeance and a desire to see it all.  Don't forget to look for car culture in the larger collections such as the Southern Automobile Association of Los Angeles collection hosted by USC 

Not everyone travelled freely

N.Y. Public Library Digital Collections

Cars through the decades

Vintage Fashion, toys, cars and more...

Changing Face of the Auto Industry- Wayne State Collections

These photographs and postcards document the auto industry in the Detroit area during the first half of the twentieth century

Motor Transport Museum

Check these folks out for images of historical automobiles and trucks. 

What car was used in this movie? Use this database

search this database for movie titles, tv series, actor names & bios, producers, locations, automobiles...and much more