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kids play!

Here's a fun set of images that you could use in a variety of ways for science, history, culture, or just for fun.  Children's playgrounds look significantly different now than they did in the 'olden days'.  Did you grow up with push merry-go-rounds, tetherball, and monkey bars?  Do your students play dodge ball? Take a look at these images for an engaging - and fun way to investigate motion and force, sports and fitness, play and culture, all while digging deeply into the past. 

 Katy Connolly of the Right Question Institute suggests that you could pair these historical images from the Library of Congress  with a more clear and modern picture of people playing on similar equipment. 
Other ideas include using (for example) the  may pole image - which is not playground equipment really - as a Q-focus for the QFT which could generate questions that take students into harvest and planting traditions that cover many centuries of cultural events. 

Girls playing tetherball 

Playground equipment - may day pole

playground equipment - monkey bars

playground equipment - wooden swings

playground equipment - roundabout

playground equipment - large doll house 

playground - girls' dodgeball game 


Children throughout history

World wide primary sources relating to kids and teens that include diaries, images, cartoons, and more. These entries will break your heart, open your eyes, and engage your students as they explore how kids and teens grew up in history.