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NASA has history / NASA makes primary sources daily

Since 1958 (Pub.L 85-568) NASA has been disseminating information about the space programs and explorations. They offer a wide range of  lessons, images, collections, and primary sources.  Science lessons on how things work, yes... but lets take an historical look/see  at how NASA scientists approached each mission with particular goals, each utilizing new technology as they designed new experiments to test theories, explore space, and expand knowledge of the different planets, stars, and other heavenly objects.  

For history of NASA, older missions: 

 Primary sources are created daily with recordings from space, notes, images, and documents 

Ask students to explore a mission, create a timeline map of their explorations

Dinosaurs... geologic history - the world!

An interactive globe that shows ancient earth changes through time.

When did flowers first appear in your neck of the woods? How about insects, reptiles, or even...dinosaurs?  

Darwin - himself!

Help student pull out all the stops by using material straight from the man himself - diaries, images, drawings, and more.  Secondary sources analyse his work and provide further context.

Scientific Frontiers

Online access to Science Frontiers from 1977 - 2009. The individual issues are listed by number. Use the search bar to search for specific topics (e.g. whales, asteroids, crop circles,  etc.) or just browse by issue. Each issue covers a wide variety of science curiosities. undefined