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Culture - U.S.: Music

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National Jukebox

Be sure to read the first timers guide: How to get the most out of this site

Sample of roving playlists:  make your own!!

Popular Songs in American History (plus lyrics!)

Created in 1999 - check the links before you get to class!

Cold War music

Wackiest and most wonderful collection of music, culture, art and science of the '40's, '50's '60's and beyond - Definitely worth a visit. Share widely with your students. There are so many things here that can create questions for kids head over to the Right Question Institute to learn how to use the Question Formulation Technique.  This is engagement at its best.

Smithsonian does it again!

You can do a lesson with Ledbelly, one on singing with justice.  A lesson on Spanish music, animals, and so much more - think BIG!

Lyrical Legacy - the songs

Teach this song... then teach the poem - teach together

Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

Black Gospel Music Restoration Project Baylor U
This restoration project includes audio of Black artists and groups from the 1940's - 1980's. Includes interviews and artifacts and more on many of the items.