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Disneyland - What about theme parks as cultural experiences?

I am so old that I got to go to Disneyland on day 4 of its opening - how fun was that!? Take your students on a fun-filled history look back on how Disneyland started- and using historical documents: what role do theme parks like Disneyland play in U.S. culture?   From the sie: 
"This site contains images from my personal collection of documents related to the development, creation and evolution of the Walt Disney theme parks.  It also includes documents related to the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs which had a significant impact on the design of, and attractions in, the parks."


But... Walt was not the first to think about Theme Parks or other cultural gathering places - the Park Database shares many stories about historical gardens and other entertainments. Check out this history! 

a few holidays

From the website: Citizen U Primary Source Nexus. Click on the picture and head into the Library of Congress list of creepy, scary, and very historical Halloween and Dia de los Muertos sources. While this post was written in 2011- the links all seem to work still. If you run into a broken one, use the title of the link as search terms in a site search with any browser. It should work then. Have fun! 


Ok. So I noodled around to see where some good info might be. Lo and behold - our friends at Citizen U Primary Source Nexus have more holidays than ever - using Library of Congress documents and images, they've got it down! Find more info here: