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Primary Sources Starter Pack for Teachers: Home

Because every Subject has a History

Find your topic..then dig in!

Guide List


Farming, cooking, health, environment
land use

Audio & (moving) Visual Sources

Primary sources include television, radio ads


Fashion. Music. Art. Literature
Home life, Magazines and Newspapers


History happens in places. Look here
for maps, and lessons using location

Health & Wellness

Medicine. Health. Food.


Math, Economics & Data

Statistics of all kinds (check here for your subject's data),
Census. Economics. Data.

National Museums & Archives
 National Archives, Library of Congress, Smithsonian, Presidential Libraries

Environment, chemistry, space,
inventions, earth

U.S. Government
About the government, by the government, primary sources abound.

U.S. History
Thematic check-ins.

U.S. History perspectives
History unfolds from many perspectives.

Use this guide with the U.S. History Guide to explore U.S. History

U.S. Civil War, Revolution, Vietnam, World Wars, Korean War   / Holocaust education

World History
Ancient, medieval, Asia & the Pacific



It's March, Time to Talk Girl Talk
Time for a Story: Yours
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Curiosity & Serendipity


Let's chat!

Gallery- Click on a picture to dig deeper

What ARE primary sources?

About primary sources : Welcome to the 'good stuff' of history. 

List of Historical Museums & Societies

Scroll through this fabulous list of museums, Historical Societies, Tribal Preservation Organizations. Search all 50 states.


Check out DocsTeach

From Ken Burns - movies loaded with primary sources; ripe for all subject areas.

NASA for Educators

Lessons, NASA missions - not just science...

Presidential Libraries

Best kept secret ever - share it!


 This is not a definitive source for primary sources- it's a 'starter pack' to jump-start your exploration into primary sources.   

All these sites are filled to the brim with resources useable with any subject. They include secondary sources for you to use as you plan your lessons but all link to the primary sources that they're highlighting.  

For your classes:  think out of the box and you have combos like:
marine biology and the moon landing,
women's rights and wartime gardens,
bearded presidents and blogs.  
Up your game with your students and share the wealth of fun, information, and stories that make up our history.

  Please feel free to contact me with ideas for sources to include, and any other ideas you might have to make it useful and interesting. Thank you.

 Much of this comes from my work researching and writing:
Understanding Government Information: a Teaching Strategy Toolkit for grades 7-12Libraries Unlimited, 2017.

Books you should know about: mostly about teaching, big ideas, and thinking 'out of the box'...
Make Just One Change:: Aeaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: Luz Santana and Dan Rothstein

Making Curriculum Pop: Developing Literices in all Content Areas: by Pam Goble and Ryan Goble

The Back of the Napkin: by Dan Roam