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It's a toss up on if this should be here in audio - or in images. Both are here.
Lyrics from 400 years of American song and poetry. Some audio performances.
Includes information on the time period too!

Brought to you by the Library of Congress


This site is THE BEST for audio and cultural explorations into the 1950's - present.
Especially useful for student investigations into the Cold War culture and counter-cultures.

PODCASTS that tell stories & lead to primary sources

Share these with students - and then send them to the show notes for a background deep-dive into the material.  Some contain historical interviews and/or sound clips.
REMEMBER: science is embedded in history... check individual episodes for those that support your curriculum. That goes for all other subjects too!

THROUGHLINE: Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah host this NPR history podcast. "Every headline has a history". These stories relate the past to the present with compelling stories.

STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS:   join hosts Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey as they deconstruct a topic through great storytelling. They have many years of podcasts and hundreds of topics. Here's an idea: break students into groups to follow a story line: for example: the weather. Where and how has weather been a factor in history? (They have 10 episodes where weather is key). Then, using PECS (political, economic, cultural, social) attributes, explore the effect on history of that weather.  Science: add these into your units on climate.

For a twist on history, give Malcolm Gladwell's (Outliers) REVISIONIST HISTORY a try. He will take you - and your students down a whole new road.

(more coming - I have to finish listening to a couple first)

Old Time Radio

Brought to you by the Internet Archive, this collection will enliven any listener's heart! 

Science fiction, to family favorites, Westerns and more..... 

Presidential audio/video

POTUS  (Presidents Of The United States)
The Internet Public Library’s POTUS page has audio and video files, election information, historical documents and more, pertaining to all 43 presidents of the United States.

SMITHSONIAN (so MUCH to love!)


Lesson plans / interactive features



American Rhetoric: ONLINE SPEECH BANK


SO. MANY. SPEECHES. From Daniel Webster to Kevin Costner... presidential speeches and memorial speeches.

Listen to Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech", Roosevelt's "Pearl Harbor" Address

Nixon, Reagan, Malcolm X, and many others. Movie speeches are here too - almost

every speech you can think of...will be here!