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"Everything depends on the color of the crystal through which one sees it” ― Pedro Calderón de la Barca

I divided this guide from the U.S. History guide so that you would have options to mix and match lessons, documents, and themes. Hopefully this will give you the flexibility to move within and between perspectives.   Please move back and forth between these two as well as Maps & Geography Guide, Cultureand Wars amongst the others to create your own primary source sets on a topic. 


Consider requiring students to check in with differing perspectives. Because all subjects have a history, and because it takes many people, locations, and events to build that history, we should be including all of these in all our work. 




The Circle of Viewpoints is an excellent tool to use as you investigate any document, artifact, issue, or event. Encourage questions, and follow up with investigative research.


Image credit: NASA/GSFC