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U.S. History: Perspectives: Asian American History


Primary Source Sets covering Japanese-American Internment; Immigration through Angel Island, California Gold, and more...

Chinese in the U.S. - Library of Congress

Untold Civil Rights Stories


There are links here to curriculum and to people, history, and events. Check the short links taken from the book: "Untold Civil Rights Stories" ... then set your students off to explore! 


USC - Lib Guide to Asian American Resources

Filipino fighting for Farmworkers Rights


This video includes teaching strategies, historical perspective, and plenty of primary sources to help you include this important story as we discuss Civil Rights; and especially the Farmworker's Movement. 

Asian Pacific American Primary sources

Japanese American internment in WW II

The Digital Public Library of America has amassed a unique collection of materials from posters, timelines, photos, and other materials that document the events surrounding the Executive Order to create Internment Camps for Americans of Japanese descent. 


NARA offers primary source links to west coast newspapers of the time, posters, and more links to explore including" 

a Library of Congress lesson on internment: 


 Interviews with 11 Japanese Americans deported to internment camps during WWII