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U.S. History: Perspectives: Women's History

Women of the West - Gilder Lehrman lessons

Women in the military


This is part one of a blog post on Women in the Military during WW II


Women and work

This Harvard collection of images, letters, statistics highlight the working woman.  

National Women's History Museum


Lots and lots of primary sources here. But that's too easy to say... dive in deeply to find the most interesting virtual exhibits, especially their "Women's History Minute". These would be excellent Q-focus. or jumpstarters for question-buiding or further research.  What if you showed one - it's all in a minute! - and then gave students class time to follow up with a Circle of Viewpoints quick-research?  Muriel Siebert ("Finance" video) was the first woman to own a seat on the stock exchange. What viewpoints could your student researchers take to their research?  Used as a Q-focus, this same video might generate loads of questions that just beg for further digging.

Women in the Middle Ages

Epistolae is a collection of medieval Latin letters to and from women from the 4th to the 13th centuries.

Women's History Month:

This amazing site is brought to you by several government Agencies. Hosted by the Library of Congress, it give links to primary sources and lessons relating to women's history from such Agencies as National Parks, National Archives. Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian, National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Gallery of Art.  A wealth of links directly to the sources, these cover culture, performing arts, social media, and. so. much. more.  Use this site to jumpstart your researchers within many topics of interest.  

Women's Diaries

Women weren't just sitting around! Some traveled widely. Here are some of their travel diaries online from Duke University: