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U.S. History: Perspectives: Native American History

Northern Great Plains

Native American Oral Histories

DOCS TEACH / American Indians

This site lists primary sources on one side - and lesson plans on the other.  Primary source images cover tribes by location and name as well as highlighting sources relating to Indian Schools, Art, Photography, Treaties, and Reservations. 

Indigenous Digital Archive

The home page of the IDA is in process of re-building. 

Check out the Indigenous Digital Archive's. Treaties Explorer:

In our own voices

Sam Houston State University collections

Indian Treaties

National Archives digitized thousands of Indian Treaties.  Check them out by using the Treaties Explorer brought to you by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC).  Some are difficult to read and understand, but there are maps and other visualizations to help explain the Treaties as they were created and changed through time. 

Tribal Constitutions & Codes from 500 Federally Recognized Tribes

The Awesome New York Public Library (digital collections)

After Columbus: 400 years of Native American Portraiture

Some collections to check


  -check for activities, and dig into those to find prmary sources from all kinds of .gov agencies.