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Science: Construction/CTE/Trades


Truly - every subject has a history. The Trades: building, construction, and all that that entails came from a long line of experience, experiment, and innovation.  Fashion, makeup, and hairstyling reflect cultural expectations and norms. Check into the history of your favorite Trade. 


YOU ARE THERE: 1920 . Lesson plans and primary sources

- Tool Guides and Tin Lizzies



27 Historical Events that Shaped Modern Plumbing Systems  


The Business behind Beauty and Style


Madame C.J. Walker brings hair care to Black women


Use this Library of Congress Research Guide to Beauty. It includes resource ideas from online and print sources. It also has a list of the major beauty businesses through the years. Students could choose one and research its history. 


Ancient construction techniques: 


Check out this site for more info on different arts/building/construction