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National Museums & Archives: University Digital Collections

Archives & Records for Government Entitites

University library collections

Most University libraries have begun digitizing much of their special collections materials for use by those outside of the University setting. While many may specialize in local or regional collections - many go beyond the local into the truly global. Try a site search <topic> and see what you find. You might just be amazed! 



University Libraries receive all kinds of materials covering a myriad of topics, locations, and time periods. Explore these - they are most wonderful and cover things like architecture, the automobile culture, the murals of Los Angeles, and so, so much more. 

Harvard's Digital Collections

Over 6 million objects digitized for public use from ancient art to modern manuscripts and even audio/visual material. 

The cool part is that you can use their new API Library cloud application to do things like zooming in on images, panning, and compare multiple images side-by-side.  

Every subject has a history - and a lot of those subject are covered here with incredible images. Take a look!