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Audio and Visual sources: Moving images

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Television Ads and more


From the Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive at the University of Oklahoma



"The Living Room Candidate contains more than 300 commercials, from every presidential election since 1952"



Ken Burns logo for UNUM "UNUM is a new way to explore American history through scenes selected from across our over 40 films. We're constantly curating new topics, providing historical context for the conversations we are having today"

Explore  primary sources here in the PBS Learning with Media. 

DIY archival photography

Using readily available software, Denis Shiryaev took archival footage - the real deal- and upgraded it and colorized it.  This video will take you and your students to real time Victorian England, 1911 New York, and San Francisco just days before the earthquake hit in 1906.  


Ask students to find the location... can we match it up with Google Street View images?  See the experiment below.


History Images brought to you by.....

Dr. Karl Kramer of Tucson, AZ. 
He created the most amazing set of historical images, video and other media. Pick Apply them liberally throughout your teaching unit. Click on the image to see them all: 

A HUGE thank you to Dr Kramer for allowing me to share these with you. 


The OUTSIDERS House Museum

If your class is reading "The Outsiders" then you must know about this museum! Primary source documents (letters, images) show how the movie was made - it started with a school librarian's request! - and includes interviews, pictures, and so much more. Great for engaging your students in the story.

Old movies from the Edison Co. @ the Library of Congress

Check out the early motion pictures and sound recordings from the Edison Company at the Library of Congress.
This kind of entertainment changed our lives. 

Side-by-side San Francisco 1906

Market Street, San Francisco 1906                              Google Street View 2020