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WARS: World War II

National World War II Museum

Check out their online resources for teachers and students. 
They also offer a partnership with Arizona State University to provide a Master's Program and a Continuing Ed program. 

Click on "students" to find research starters, a timeline history and digital learning projects. 



Japanese Internment - Document Activity

Use these documents by "layering" - first show the photograph and use the Primary Source Analysis Tool from the Library of Congress to closely look at and speculate on the meaning.  You can use the QFT process to generate questions.  Then follow up with the text of the Executive Order 9066 and follow the same TPS process.  What new questions does this new document bring up? Using primary and secondary stories, research these events from different perspectives using the Circle of Viewpoints

The National Archives of Britain

Research the war from the  British perspective. 

Political cartoons, project ideas and loads of primary sources to add to those from our own National Archives. 


National Archives and Records Administration [NARA]

Register yourself with NARA's Docs Teach. Once in, you will find documents of all kinds from the Civil War to today. The activities center on reading documents and identifying key elements that will help students understand the bigger picture. 

World War II

TEACHER OZ does it again
(Some links may not be active or have gone missing. Use the title to do a browser search - it might show up elsewhere)


U.S. Dept. of Defense

The Dept. of Defense offers some interesting perspectives on World War 2 with interviews, timelines, and photos in their online commemoration of World War II.  

Manhattan Project

Voices of the Manhattan Project
What an incredible resource this is - interviews with the men - and women! - who participated in the race to build the atomic bomb

News Maps - WWII

From the University of North Texas, here are posters and maps with info taken from the news. 

From the Overview of the collection: 
According to the National Archives and Records Administration, "NEWSMAPS were not issued for general distribution. The posters were distributed to military installations, government and civilian groups working on War Department projects, and certain depository libraries, as designated by Congress, and one copy to Congressmen, if requested."