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U.S. Government: Executive Branch

Gov Agencies have INFO!

Presidency Project

The American Presidency Project
"The only free online resource with a single searchable database including:

  • The Messages and Papers of the Presidents: 1789-1929

  • The Public Papers of the Presidents: since 1929

  • The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents: 1977-2009

  • The Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents: post-2009

The Internet Public Library President's page

POTUS  (Presidents Of The United States)
The Internet Public Library’s POTUS page has audio and video files, election information, historical documents and more, pertaining to all 43 presidents of the United States.


Documents relating to the Presidency

Compilation of Presidential Documents 
Entries date back to 1992.  Browse some of these things - you'll be amazed!  (check out Bill Clinton's speech about minimum wage or George H. Bush's news conference with Boris Yeltsin in Tokyo)


President Trump's Twitter Archive
50,000 tweets and retweets, includes the realdonaldtrump account. This is searchable . You can search with commonly used words or phrases.

From government documents librarians, list of sites for presidency documents - some of these are also found elsewhere in this guide, but it's good to be able to find it in a myriad of places: 
1) Documenting the Now catalog of twitter datasets:
2) End of Term Archive (we’re currently running the 2020 crawl of the .gov/.mil domain):
3) Internet Archive (lots of content, esp in the TV archive etc):


Library of Congress: Presidential information

Library of Congress: American Memory: Presidential Collections

Woodrow Wilson and his wife on way to inauguration 1917

From Hoover to the Present: Presidential Libraries

There are 13 libraries overseen by the National Archives. To dig deeper into these Presidential terms see: Presidential Libraries  under the tab for National Libraries. 


Portraits of Presidents

Check out these teacher activity guides on using portraiture and the portraits of the Presidents. These images tell important stories that go beyond what can be easily seen in the picture - help students dig deeply into those stories...just by looking at a picture! 

Miller Center Presidential Recordings

The MIller Center at the University of Virginia has collated Presidential recordings from the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon Presidencies. While the recordings themselves are only available to registered users, you can register for 48 hour use. There are also transcripts and context articles available. 

For more information about the project, check the info at the National Archives Presidential Recordings Project. 


Oh my, while we're at it - check out the Miller Center AMERICAN PRESIDENT site. Recordings, essays, images and so much more. 

The White House

White House Actions

The White House Proclamations


White House Executive Orders

Executive Orders via the Federation of American Scientists website


FBI Freedom of Information Act
Check out the Reading Room Index to access FBI declassified documents.