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CTE and the Trade Services

by Connie Williams on 2023-11-11T15:53:00-08:00 | 0 Comments

After watching a series of “This Old House”, I got to wondering how those folks learned about their trade’s history enough to know about lead pipes, old chimney flues, and other construction that occurred in times past. Cleaning up and repairing, or modernizing an old house requires a specific skill set (craft)  and knowledge of how things were accomplished in times past (history). Navigating the laws, as well as the physical laws that physics, geology, geography and other constraints involves complex thinking and a 'big picture' skill. 

One way to encourage and engage our students in CTE classes, or those in history or other classes assigned to complete “passion projects” or reports is with primary sources.  Here is a Starter Pack list of primary source sites for four of the many trade services.  There are links to other services throughout this Guide. Check for: culture, fashion, CTE, and other guides.

Be sure to email if you’d like a roundup of your trade service added to this Guide.



add in toilet paper:




Documents of the amateur woodworking movement:

Library of Congress book: Children’s Library of Work and Play:

From Project Gutenberg, here is a book called: “Woodworking Tools 1600 – 1900 by Peter C. Welsh.

A History of Woodworking by Raymond McInnis:  a website dedicated to the history of woodworking in Britain. 

History of Unions: From the University of Washington:

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